“I wonder how hard it is to cook ribs? I like ribs.”



Seven years ago, #theRibList began. It started out small, with a list of names on my phone and a few people in my driveway. As I discovered that barbecue paved the way for making lots of friends, the list grew. It grew longer and longer until I ended up with hundreds of people who wanted to #GetOnTheRibList.


I ventured outside of my driveway to cook for causes that I cared about- from elementary schools to churches to nonprofits. As we cooked more and more, I gathered a few things. I gathered skill and technique, appreciation for craft barbecue, a variety of smokers, and a name: the Bishop of Barbecue.


On March 2017 we opened for business in a bright red food truck under Paul’s Rib Shack Barbecue. We’ve been a few places since then, but now it’s time for us to come to our new home- 4800 Nelson Rd. With the city of Lake Charles on our doorstep and magnificent oak trees in our backyard, we can’t wait to continue the mission of our origin- making friends one rack of ribs at a time.


Thank you for joining me on this adventure #LifeIsMoreFunOnTheRibList

Paul Pettefer

Head Pitmaster and CFO- Chief Friendmaking Officer